"5FOLD has been a life line for me" 
‚Äč           Enlistee Charlene Anders (2014)

Major LaToya gave me the number and info for 5fold a number of years prior but I didn't use it. At the particular time I called in, there were things going on in my life I didn't understand. I was reading my Bible praying and asking for help-- (a mentor) so I could get the things I needed. As a result of contacting 5fold,  I have received so much more beyond my imagination.  They gave me a lot of confirmation and their teaching is helping me to stay in my Word and to grow.  Enlistee Valerie Whitehurst (2014)

"5Fold has been an inspiration to me. They are genuine, all love, family" 
Enlistee Marcella Sawyer (2014)

"Since my son passed away I've been looking for positive people to be in my life. I went to your 1st Friday and you all were so warm and amazing. After checking your webiste I knew this was where I could grow." Lisa Anderson (2014)

"I came to 5Fold for one reason, and when I got here I realized I am supposed to here!"
Dr. Brian Anderson (2015)

One of the reasons I came to 5Fold is because they are not playing games."
Enlistee Reasheal Lockett (2015)